Games section
Simple Games
Game 1: Choose Your Own Adventure.  Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books?  Well, I
programmed a quickie version of one.  Instead of turning the pages, you'll be clicking on the buttons to make
your choices.  Be careful, though, one wrong decision and it's "game over!"  Odds of winning on your first try:
1 in 108,000. (1.2 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 2: Happy Wars!  I decide to put a friendly twist on a shooting game.  You are the friendly happy smiling
face trying to shoot at and hit the other friendly smiley face on the other side of the screen.  Click on the "fire"
button to fire.  I made all the sound effects with my own voice, changing it by shifting the pitch. (1.6 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 3: Dice Game!  This is a simple game where you can roll a 6-sided dice for yourself by clicking the
button.  The computer also rolls a dice at the same time.  The highest roll wins!  Animation used to make
spinning dice.  There are sound effects too. (1.3 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 4: Happy Wars II!  As if one wasn't enough.  In this version, the other smiley shoots back,
watch out!  Again, sound effects were made using my voice and shifting the pitch. (2.1 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 5: Poetry word jumbler!  When I was in poetry class at UC Riverside, I had a professor that made
us (as a class) take scissors and cut up our poetry, cutting out each word and then randomly putting words
together to make a new poem to encourage us to look at word orders in an unplanned manner.  It's a great
way to get yourself thinking about how to create a poem and finding great word combinations.  At the time,
I made a simple program in Basic to address this issue.  This is my more modern version.  You'll see I've
put words in the boxes already to make a poem about standing on the seashore when you launch the
program.  Simply edit the words I put in, but make them your words for your poem and then click the
button.  The words will be randomly rearranged so you can see them in a different way.  Happy poem
writing!!! (1.2 MB)  Click here to download!
Full Games
Play my modern remake of the Apple II classic Asian seafaring & trading game "Taipan."
In this game you're a trader in the 1800s travelling by ship and buying and selling goods
from different Asian ports.  I implemented the following cheats and changes in my new version:

1. I increased the ship's cargo to 6000 so it's huge like Battlestar Galactica and the Hong Kong
warehouse volume to 100,000 so it's like Home Depot so you can trade in more significant amounts.

2. The famous "negative interest" flaw is in this version so you're going to be making some big bucks
off Elder Brother Wu once again...just like old times!

3. Fixed and improved some graphical display issues and warehouse theft possibility is now in the game.

4. I reduced the number of ships attacking so you can focus more on trade and less on battles, however,
do bear in mind that when you're travelling around in a huge ship and especially if you choose the
100 guns option a lot of ships are still going to be wanting to attack you.

5. I made some improvements in graphics over the original Apple 2 version.

6. Sound effects added (e.g.: ship cannon explosions and a funny little sound effect from
"The Pest" movie every time the Comprador reports and added storm sounds and other sounds).

Game 5: Lottery odds!  Well, this is more of an educational tool than a game.  This is the program the California
Lottery does not want you to see, LOL!  Basically, the California Lottery works like this, you pick 5 numbers
between 1 and 47 and then a sixth "mega number" between 1 and 27.  I was kind of curious to see how long
it would take to hit the jackpot so I made this little program that analyzes a set of lottery numbers against
various draws and it keeps track of how many times you matched 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 numbers.  You would be
surprised, the California Lottery has the odds very stacked in their favor.  Run this program to see for yourself.
This is a great lesson for that "gambiling-addicted" relative you have in your family.  Hit the "esc" key when
You're feeling intimidated enough. (1.17 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 6: Star Wars!  You are Luke Skywalker trying to stay away from Darth Vader and his lightsabre!
You have 16 seconds to stay away from Darth's sabre.  Click your mouse on Luke and drag him to
move him around.  The sound effects in this game are cool.  Be careful though, I've programmed Darth
Vader to track you and head pretty much "straight for you" with just a little randomness thrown in to
keep you off guard.
Game Six!  ("")  (4.39 MB)  Click here to download!
Game 7: Rifle Vs. Pistol!  If the difficulty of the Star Wars game caught you by surprise, you can try this
one.  What makes this game more advanced (in a game making sense) than the Star Wars game is that the
sprites are animated.  The "bad guy" is the machine gun, you are the pistol.  Click on the pistol and drag it
to move it away from the machine gun.  Like the previous game, you need to stay away for 16 seconds.
Unlike the previous game, the bad guy moves randomly so it's a bit easier to get away.  However, be
careful the machine gun doesn't "randomly" crash into you or it's game over.
Game 7 ("")  (7.17 MB)  Click here to download!
The following games are ".exe" file extension applications.  When downloading them,
I recommend that you save the files to your computer's local hard disk or desktop
before running them so there is lesser chance for a security conflict with your
antivirus software.  Then you can play them later by just double-clicking on their file
Icon.  I made these games using Macromedia's Director and "programmed" them
using Lingo Script.  For the full screen games, you can hit the "ESC" key to exit if you
want to finish before the game does.  The following games are simple in nature.  Not
a lot of effort went into making them.  I made these games back in 2004.  Files are
compressed with WinZip, You'll need to "unzip" them.
As a spare time hobby, I make my own games for my own entertainment.  Some
examples of these games are below.  I can make custom applications for you.  You
tell me your idea and I'll impliment it.  E-mail me at if
interested.  My tech fee is $25.00 per hour.