Poetry section
The following poems are copyright 2006 by alan@musicbyalan.com
"Crystal Forest"
The cold snow blurred my thoughts
Soft clouds, hard rocks, barren tundra distant
Owl flies on feelings, mortality
Tender, silky texture touches the trees
Listen for night nymphs
Tasting each droplet, tantalizing each needle
The frozen dream rendered crystallized
The mountain feels the echoes of the bark
Giant gargantuan glowing landscape
The chill orbits my body
Night fingers inside a satin prism
A wolf howls to icy light
Bites the rays of the night
Lunar elves dance on white twigs
Peaks reflect stars
I am tender light and
Bears roam these valleys
Beyond the forest looms yet another wooded chasm
Turning rabbit jumps, nothing breathes
Branches crack
Sliding stellar star falls
Weakening resolve, lost soul
Awakened to begin again
"Snow Terror"
Quiver away, scary night brings death.
Snow wrath emerges, seeks victim.
Cave empty, stomach barren.
Control snow heavens, thrust rule beyond.
Fullest moon makes perfect beast.
Canine hunters scream powerful radiance,
Wolf cries ring hierarchy howl.
Vicious nomad band conquers rabbits.
Thumping feet signal claw respect.
Deadly Darwinian deed, devour victim.
Shine white moon, pull wolf.
Canine forest takes rabbit blood, guts, sinews.
Supreme dwell safely supporting stratified sanctuary,
White lobos worship darkness.
Yellow eyes twinkle below nearby pines,
Canis lupis predators command powerful paws.
Red razor incision recedes, pack hunt done.
Smell surface sacrifice stench beneath stars.
Tear through trees, kill nearby.
Later, the last yip conveys nocturnal ebb,
Distant dawn radiates, orchestrates driving retreat.
"My Deepest Desire"
An eternal dear
The possibilities excite me
So tender, nymph, help me to wait!
This winter feels so hot
A glorious sun, setting or rising?
Her wishes are like summer
My soul of snow
Melted, now it boils
During this steamy moment, I feel her warmth.

From her, and only her, I want love
How deeply I feel during this moment
My golden wish, to share in her life
To make love
Ever so slowly
Almost like frozen time,
Caressing the glassy pond
Hours pass, we gently thrive
Every slightest tingling sensation
Early one crisp December morning.

I dream of a fiery hearth in an icy world
Where we embrace
Wrapped in that unique blanket
Each other's mutual appreciation
Our romantic setting
Stenciled by her graceful form, admirable, sensuous
So dreamy is this place that I stay in
Her elegant mind, luscious anatomy, makes all I want possible
For always, to hold and to keep
Very much worth the wait
Priceless in value
Potion of my truth.

This pleasure is hers and mine to share
Such hearts make all dreams possible
Faithful emotion, pleasure and pure excitement!
Life has come along and descended into us, I can feel it!
Her fantasies, may they become mine
May we blend into one.