Video Editing section
Picture at left shows me in the Department of
Defense Visual Information Center's Video
Duplication Room on March Air Force Base.  In
this particular image, I am in the process of
transferring 1" film to digital format.  BetacamSP
VTRs are on the lower right along with patch panels
above that and waveform monitors/vectorscopes
above that.  I am fully trained on all this equipment.
The picture is in black and white because it is from
a video editing trade magazine.
The Video Editing "gang" at March AFB (above)
Above picture shows me in the process of cueing
up a selection on a BetacamSP VTR in the Video
Duplication Room of the Defense Visual
Information Center at March Air Force Base.
Additional video experience:
Media 100 (Macintosh) non-linear video editing


Macromedia Director experience creating animation

and movies using Director versions 8.5 and MX2004.

Video / Film format experience: (linear editing)
3/4" video cassettes
1" film reels
16 mm film
Hi-8mm tapes
Digital Betacam

State of California Credentialed Multi-Media Instructor

Society of Broadcast Engineers SBE Certified
Television Operator.
Check out an animation sample I made using
Macromedia's Director.  It's a bird flying through
the air.  The file is "zipped" (compressed) using
Winzip so you'll have to "unzip" it before you can
launch it and view it.  It's a self-contained
application/program that (after you've downloaded
it to your computer) runs like any other program
when you double-click on it.
Download "the bird" by clicking here!  (1.17 MB)